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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I got a friend who is so willingly to help do this and that just to maintain our friendship and bond we all shared.. Not that I am a wet blanket.. But who really appreciates all this? I will if I have the time. The girls are willing to keep in touch which I think most of them do. Because up to now, only the girls I know only sms me just to keep in touch. Of course, I made the first move by smsing them first. At least they will sms back.

The guys what the hell.. They never bothered to reply then I am just sick of keeping in touch with the guys. There is only a hand full of male friends who is willing to keep in touch. The rest can just go fly kite.

I was appreciate when someone does something for me. I wonder if they ever do if I did it for them? Well.. Some things are better left unsaid. I know can liao. Sometimes thinking about it really drains you of your energy. I think energy is better spend to think of something like how to earn more money, etc..

Oh and today. Something burnt inside my bunk. Damn.. I heard a click, fans losing power and smell of something burning. OMG.. Looking around nothing was on fire. Phew...

Power check.. All dead (Fans and lights).. The 2 bunks besides me were dead too.. and the bunk in the middle of the whole corridor were dead also. Hmm.. I wonder what the relationship? Haha.. But the socket is still supplying power as the radio is still on in my room.. I do not know what really happen... Hopefully it can be fix asap.. Haiz.. Tonight is MESS for me.. Haha.. I do not really encourage sleeping there as its very dirty.. Oh well.. I have slept in worst environment than the mess.. hahaa..


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