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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Asshole !

24-year-old Song Yick Biau a Nanyang Technological University student was described as a "lonely" and "socially inept" man who sought refuge in the internet, where he could take on different personalities.

But he went too far and was slapped with 10 charges - nine under the Computer Misuse Act and one for criminal intimidation.

He pleaded guilty to the charges on 6 Jan 2007.

Song had assumed the identities of MSN Messenger users - chatting with their friends and changing their passwords to lock them out of their accounts.

He also threatened to post pictures of one victim online, unless she sent him photos of her breasts.

What a prevert! If I ever catch him I will hit him so hard he face will be twisted for life.. Bastard ! Son of a Bitch ! Guess what? Report said that the family will appeal against his sentence. The farking judge better not change and extend his sentence.

This type of person should be blacklisted for life and not be able to take any degree or if he has any, it should not be recongise.. Or just fall into the tracks while waiting for the mrt train and die. Son of a Bitch.. Think the whole family is like this..


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