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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Busy week..

Currently I had a busy week. Out-sea and safsa swimming..

2 Days 1 night out-sea was fun but I suffered in the end... This time I spent the night with them. Destination Sembawang yatch club. This is my last also. No more for me.

Safsa swimming will be my last too I guess.. Alot of people ask me why did I not swim. Well for one good reason is I am on duty. For another, I am not good enough. If you ask me to chalk points for RSN I will gladly do so. But if you ask me to be the top 3. Thats a challenge. But I never back out of a challenge. =)

Not much exercise this week. Instead I suffered alot since the out-sea. There is alot of things I do not feel like doing. Maybe after I recover from my suffering then I might have the mood to continue training. Wait ! I did ran with a friend to airbase. Heard its about 8 km. But it was a slow run as both of us just eaten.

Thats all for this week. See if there are any photos to be uploaded anot. I lost one of my rechargeable batteries. Rats. Now I can't charge 1 pair.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

IMOS Cohesion Day at Sentosa..

Pictures are worth a thousand words.. =) Enjoy..

3 Guys and a Coconut tree

The chairlift ride before the Luge ride at the top. They took a picture for us..

We took one for them..

Our Chairlift Number

6 Crazy guys who are going to rule the World !

Chilling out after the whole day