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Thursday, July 27, 2006

2 more months to ORD..

Times sure flies.. 2 more months I will be out of camp for good.. I wonder what will my reservice be? Hopefully I don't go back to army.. I prefer navy not the training but the people.

Guess what it was our bi-weekly Sports Day yesterday but we couldn't play street soccer.. Because now it needs RAM too.. Damn.. Even when all the players are instructors, we still need RAM. WTH ! Haiz.. Navy or should I say SAF is going soft.. Damn soft.. Like some gu niang sec 3 camp.. Haiz.. I was glad I suffer and pass out as a real, tough and mature man from Tekong.. Now the people who pass out from Tekong or other camps that conduct BMT are all sissys..

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Its been long..

Its been about close to a month since the last entry.. Oh well nothing much happen .. Some disappointment and happy events.. Now I am just waiting to ORD and find a job.. Hmm.. Will I be able to find one?

I couldn't find any pictures to post.. It doesn't really justify the title of the banner which says Photos.. Haha..

Well signing off.. I got to do a bit of admin and seeing of people.. See ya..