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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Going back to my routine ..

Yesterday I went back to my gym session followed by lunch and another session after that.. Later in the evening I went for a swim and met up with my ex-trainees at the pool. Its been a long time since I last swam with them.. Cherished the times with them.. =)

Then at night went for a run with one of my friends at met at the pool.. Totally shag after that.. Haha.. Gave my friend a goggle also as he asked me whether I got spares anot. While my time here, I had pick up a few. Good ones are at home. Those in camp are lousy.. Hehe.. But I gave one of the best of lousy ones, the one I always use.. Wahah... Not branded but at least it keeps the water out. Well its works for me though.. =)

Want any goggles? Drop me a msg at my tagboard.. Then I will search my treasure chest to pick one nice for you..

PS: Only close friends will know where to find my tagboard. So I guess my goggles will only end up in the hands of good friends.. =)


Monday, February 20, 2006

Missed them..

I slept in the bunk alone. My brother's cabinet was empty also. I really have to control myself.

Why must they go together.. Today after running I went to have an early dinner about 5.30pm then bath. Followed by putting back my shoes and taking a walk near the shore(Courageous Walk). While I was walking, I visualise my buddies walking with me.. I was so sad. But I held back as there were trainees.

Everything I do will be only me. Nobody to accompany me anymore.. Haiz..

Life in camp will never be the same again.

Take care my friends..

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Studying studying...

When I am at home, I always study. Of course. Studying my interest.. Flash. Then the thought of coming to camp irks me. All the wayang_ness and shit work.. I rather be at home doing my own things. There is so many things to do for my future but I am wasting my time in camp. I do not see the point in camp doing anything. Nothing in camp is goind to help me in my future. The allowance they pay is so little even a cleaner is getting more than us..

But of course I am just doing my part of the country and wasting 2 years for it. Whatever work I can push, I push. I can dodge, I dodge.

The only consolation is friends you get to know thru your service and training. Good friends.. Buddies.. Brothers.. Other than that, there is nothing to look forward in camp. The only thing to look forward is ORD.. Wahaha.. I am going off in Sept 06.. For those who still have some time to go. Bear with it. Soon you will be out.. Like me.

Ok thats all for today. Take care.. =)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Camp Chinese New Year Dinner..

Check out the few photos from the event..

Photos From De Grandeur