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Sunday, November 12, 2006


Ok.. The lady is Ivy Lee.. Now something more interesting.. There is a guy as young as 27 wanting to know her and of course if possible be her boyfriend.. For her riches you might wonder? I bet all the guys who are going after her its either for her looks or money..

Well wish her all the best in choosing her man.. Haha.. Crazy world...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

People ...

Recently in the papers there was this guy Benard Chen - swimmer but now he is in Airforce.. In the report, he is saying SSA (Singapore Swimming Association) is not helping him.. By not giving him a letter of excuse to train and therefore depriving him of having more time to train.. Saying with his standard, he belongs to Cat B swimmers..

What rubbish.. More like he is trying to running away from doing National Service.. If you are that good.. Then you wouldn't need any letter.. Just train when you are free or after you finish your National Service.. His complain never came when he was studying.. So am I right to say he wanted a letter NOW to escape from camp/national service?

There was another story.. About a match making agency rejecting a lady saying she was too old for the match making sessions.. WTH.. Then after newspaper published her story - Saying she is single, RICH and good looking.. She now has 40 suitors on hand to choose from..

Then now as the lady.. You have to really think about..

The suitors that are queuing up to woo her.. Are they after your money? Since the newpapers reported you rich.. or Are they after real love.. It get complicated. Worst you might miss on a genuine guy and take in a crook..

Good luck to both guy and lady.. Its such a crazy world.