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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Lunchie with my BMT section guys

This time round only 4 managed to turn up. Haiz.. The thing is that when my friend sms them for a gathering. Most of them did not reply. For me, I would have blown my top but he was patient. Dan, Wei, Bai and me. Dan and wei were buddies in BMT so were Bai and me.

Thats the reason why I do not wish to be the organiser as people just can't be bothered to reply or bothered to reply early. Its very difficult. Even when I organise soccer in camp, in the TC, still got people who couldn't careless and take their own sweet time or don't even bother when you ask them whether they want to take part anot.. Thats how life is.. Full of shit.

Usually its the people who made the effort suffer. The rest just enjoy themselves. Do these people ever realise who made this possible? The people behind the whole outing or gathering? I don't think they will ever come to that point. But getting the people together and making it all possible would have made the organiser happy, very happy in fact.

Friday, May 26, 2006

IMOS Cohesion Day at Macritchie Reservoir

Barry and Bryan is not in the picture.. The rest are inside.. =)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Soccer is full of deadly traps...

I sprained my ankle during soccer.. Damn it.. But it was minor as I can still walk.. =)

Today's Ice Cream Day.. And the we are having CHOCOLATE coated Vanilla.. Yeah ! But I eaten one too many and I wasn't feeling well after resting for an hour in the mess.. Well I continue another hour and nearly miss my dinner in the process...

Damn free hosting doesn't allow me to try out my mail form.. But luckily I got a friend who needs the codes also so he is willing to let me to test it on his site. He wanted to give me a domain.. But nah.. I am a person who doesn't like to owe people favours.. People can owe me but I don't like to owe people..

I finally realise something about myself. I talk extremely little but I do more to help people. For me, I speak through my actions.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Yesterday I saw the kitten playing with something that could move.. At a closer look, I saw a mouse or a rat under its paws.. Haha.. I tried to save the little thing.. But the cat wouldn't let me.. It tried to 'mao' me.. Kao.. Then in the end, my friend saw it killed the cute mousey.. Oh well.. Haha..

Do you have that feeling that you want to be isolated from the world, ignoring your friends and loved ones? I had that feeling once in a while and it came yesterday night. I just went to shower and went to bed. Just do not feel like talking to anybody..

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Topless ^__-

Ran without my singlet last night.. ;)

Nice weather today but its rest for today and tomorrow. Too much running already. My knees and ankle are killing me.. =( Got a call from a friend.. Looks like I am missed.. Haha. But I think my friend called to pass time.. Haiz.. How sad..

Nothing interesting these past few days.. Something will happen this week.. Hopfeully its successful..

Friday, May 12, 2006

Ouch !

On Wednesday, we had our second Life Run in base. I hate it as we had to squeeze into 2 lanes during parts of the base. Its sucks but no choice as the other base had a heli ops resulting in a closure. After that I ran with the OC of BMTC. Kao. I ran from pain in my knees to numbness. Guess endurance is the key but the aftermath was terrible. Ouch !!! We ran about 12 rounds plus the life run which was about 4 rounds. Its nice having a jogging partner. His pace is just nice also. =) Perfect only if my knee and ankle wouldn't give me trouble.. =)

I hurt my left ankle and knee.. Just don't understand why is it when I run long distance only my left leg hurts.. Could it be the shoe or the way I run? Hmm.. I got to analyse the problem..

Today is Vesak Day. Went to the temple I always go on Sunday. My gosh its packed ! To think the people who pray on Sundays are only a handful. Then come this special day, they were all out in full force. Kao.. But there are a lot of pretty girls.. Haha. Why don't they come on Sunday to pray ! Haha..

Will be going to another buddhist site tonight.. Why night is because there will be less people. Then you wouldn't need to squeeze and push with all the devotees.. Oh and also to avoid the red hot joss sticks that people are carrying... =)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Runs and More Soccer !

I ran for a long time before organising soccer for my guys. Asking them to play soccer is like asking them to die ! Haha. Its so damn hard to get them to play lor. I got everthing ready, even spoken to the CNB PTI asking him whether I can close the sports complex for him after 1830 then we can play longer. ;)

Haiz.. The guys are all in front of me but then they are so unwilling to move. Can you imagine if you ORD and you want a gathering? It will be impossible ! Kao... Then my 2 lifeguards are not sporting as they do not play.. Except swim. So boring.. I missed my buddy! *Sob* *Sob* When are you coming back?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

More gatherings to come !

I had a another gathering at Orchard Paragon Coffee Bean with my Secondary school friends. Its been a very very long time since we last met.. I actually planned for a soccer session with them. Like I previously said "One must take initiative". So I started calling and SMSing. Then one got back to me saying "How about going to ORchard to 'La Teh'(drink coffee)?" Because my friend just came back from Taiwan after being posted there for a year. I thought why not? So I went. But the problem is I got to leave early as I need to book in at night. Damn lousy right?

After coffee, we went to have dinner. I thought the dinner will be "chop chop" so I can get back home fast. But I was wrong. We went window shopping then it was raining heavily so we couldn't get to our destination early. Kao. I was like... Okie I am not going to eat with them. I called my mum to cook my share. Then about 1900 I left the place.

They went to Hog's Breath at CHIJMES to eat. A place of steak, you can order others dishes but its not worth the money to eat the seafood. That means if you ain't eating steak. Please do not go there. Each dish is about $28-$30+.. I found out that my friends are all working with about $1000+ in salary. So I guess they can afford to spend.

They treated me a bit to potato skins(finger food) and coffee at Paragon. Well.. I am very pai sei. I always pay for myself. I rather people not treat me because I will feel bad if I didn't reciporate. They had treated and taken care of me when I was in secondary. Well when I am out of this sickening organisation. I will get a decent job and treat everyone back. Promise ! Especially my army guys and girls.. Only certain guys I guess. Some guys are not even worth mentioning.. Haha..

Cheers people.. Take care..=)